About us

Mapclever was established in 2012 and has set itself the goal of revolutionising the way people travel and how they plan their journeys. We help make your planning comfortable, easy, fast, international and door to door.
Our offers are independent which means we are not financed by a car, rail or airline company. This ensures that our search results are neutral and that all well known transport means are taken into consideration (airlines, rail, public transport, rental cars, ferries etc). This gives you a transparent comparison of providers, prices and travel combinations.

Have you ever had to plan a journey and been totally overwhelmed by the endless websites and countless excel sheets and notes you need to then compare the results? This can be extremely time consuming and if your route or time changes slightly you have to start the whole search again.
We asked ourselves why there isn’t a journey or route planner which combines the different means of transport to provide the optimum journey route using all functions summarised on one website across all countries. As such a service didn’t exist, we decided to establish mapclever.

The benefits

• Complete journey planning
• International and from door to door
• Covers all current means of transport (airplane, train, rental car etc)
• Comfortable and personalised search