City Trips

Do you have a smart travel planning solution for your next city break?

By using mapclever, you plan your city travels quickly and cleverly to your desired destination.

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Planning your next city trip?

You have a weekend free, decided to take a city trip away from home and have some ideas of what you would like to do. How do you go about planning your city break so you save time, save money and choose the best routes?

Today this would mean having to check at least 5 different websites for flights, bus schedules, airport shuttle, train connections, etc, etc.

  • Can I take a city break by rail?
  • What is the best connection from the airport to downtown?
  • Which is better – an airport shuttle or Metro?
  • Where can I get a ticket for the shuttle bus?
  • Is there a faster way to get to the museum and concert in time?


City Travel Destinations in Europe


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Why use mapclever?

MapClever is an innovative route planner making your travel planning faster and easier.
Instead of spending time and effort searching through tons of travel sites, figuring out foreign languages and dealing with complex accounting and information systems – leave it to MapClever to offer you all the travel management information you need from one single website.

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mapclever – today and tomorrow!

  • We will show you the best route for you from countless combinations of train, flight, airport shuttle, car rental, taxi and public transport.
  • We take you from door to door – no matter whether Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France or Great Britain.
  • We already cover large parts of Europe and soon you will find us showing the best connections both locally and internationally.
  • Take advantage of the future and the experience of other travelers and rate itself also.

With mapclever you plan your trip from door to door, taking into account all modes of transportation.

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