What can I expect from MapClever?

To start with, a fair overview of all transport possibilities and prices for certain routes, means of transport and countries in Europe.
With time you will also get more precise routes tailored to your individual needs with worldwide selection possibilities.

Will I always be given a route?

YES. If a route is not given this can have two reasons:
1) The requested destination is currently outside our area of coverage. Please check coverage here.
2) A “genuine” mistake. Please report this immediately so that we can investigate.

What means of transport are included?

We are working on including all means of transport in the mid term. These include:

- Cars (e.g. your own vehicle, rental cars, car/lift sharing)
- Aeroplane
- Train (long distance, private and public and S-bahn (urban rail) etc.)
- Bus (long and short distance incl. tram etc)
- Shuttle services
- Taxi

At the beginning not all means of transport and types will be available area-wide. This is because of the work and costs involved in the integration on the one hand as well as the fact that, to start with, we may not know all means of transport of all cities.
Are you missing a particular provider? We would be happy to include this. Send us a message!

Why can’t I find a particular connection or transport mode?

We are currently focussing on a full and error-free coverage of all travel connections and means of transport in Central Europe. In addition to this we are also continually working on developing our geographic coverage and quality of search results.
You can find the latest information here.

How do I interpret the price for a connection/means of transport?

Price information for many countries and means of transport is already included in our search. These are the latest prices as provided by our data sources. Prices e.g. for flights and long distance connections are partly very volatile and can change quickly (e.g. depending on travel date or how fully booked).
In some areas the information is not or only partly available. We do, however, use elaborate approximations to provide an approximate and realistic price.
We are continually working on making our price and time information even more accurate and please ask for your patience if your requested destination is not yet available.

If you should find any mistakes we look forward to receiving your message.

Can I individualise my search request / save my details?

Principally, yes, although we have not yet activated this function. The displayed results currently follow certain standardised parameters with as few limitations as possible.
In the future you will be able to create a personal profile and then search according to your exact criteria. This will help you save even more time and money.

When will there be prioritisation according to cost, journey duration, comfort etc?

We are working intensively on this feature. Soon there will be prioritisation according to

- Costs
- Journey duration
- Number of changeovers
- Usable time

Depending on your individual requests, a recommendation will then be determined and displayed.
Do you need to get somewhere quickly? Or do you want a particularly comfortable journey? Alternatively, is price the most important criteria? In the future you will also be able to include your personal priorities and preferences. This will help you find the best route combination for your exact requirements.

Do you want information on updates and functions? Please write us a message using the contact form.

Why do I have to provide the exact date and time of travel?

To plan your journey on MapClever you are required to state your exact date and time of travel. A flexible date display with several so-called “flexi dates” is not possible due to the countless combination possibilities of the means of transport and the considerable restriction in the search quality and transparency of end results which this would involve.

An overview with alternatives and cheaper travel dates is, therefore, also not possible. You may, however, request a route for different time slots for example arrival in the morning or evening before.

I have ideas, suggestions and requests. How can I get in contact?

We look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions! Please use our Contact form.